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    Welcome to the IEP Advocate Parent Resource Library!

    • How to access your resources

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    • U.S. Dept. of Education: Questions and Answers About Providing Student Services During COVID-19

    • U.S. Dept. of Education Fact Sheet: Addressing the Risk of COVID-19 in Schools While Protecting the Civil Rights of Students

    • U.S. Dept. of Education Supplemental Fact Sheet

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    About 504 Plans and IEPs

    • Frequently Asked Questions About 504's & IEP's

    • Questions Often Asked by Parents About Having an IEP

    • Overview of the First IEP Mtg

    • Developing Your Child's IEP: Part 1- The IEP Mtg

    • Developing Your Child's IEP: Part 2-Present Levels & Goals

    • Developing Your Child's IEP:Part 3 - Services & Supports

    • Developing Your Child's IEP:Part 4 - Deciding Placement

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    Florida McKay & Gardiner Scholarship Information

    • About the McKay Scholarship

    • About the Gardiner Scholarship

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    Placement Resources

    • Deciding a Students Placement

    • 11 Questions to Ask About Your Child's Placement in a Resource Room

    • Considering Least Restricted Environment (LRE) in Placement Decisions

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    Discipline Resources

    • Are Services Provided During Disciplinary Removals

    • General Authority of School Personnel When It Comes to Disciplinary Action

    • Did the School Have Basis of Knowledge? (Does IDEA protect my child from disciplinary action?)

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    Due Process and Appeals Resources

    • Appeals and Expedited Due Process

    • Students Placement During the Appeals Process

    • When You Disagree with the School Here Are Your Options

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    Accommodations Resources

    • Supports, Modifications and Accommodations for Students

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    About IDEA

    • IDEA-Parent Participation and Protection

    • IDEAs Regulations on Discipline

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    Working with the School

    • Requesting a Meeting to Review Your Childs IEP

    • Requesting Prior Written Notice

    • Scheduling the IEP Mtg & Notifying Parents: The School's Responsibilities

    • ESE Policy and Procedures Manual for Each School District in Florida

    • Is Your Child’s Teacher Certified?

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    Additional Resources

    • Need more help?

    • Is Your Child’s Teacher Certified?

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